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Which actor provided the most compelling performance in the horrific masterpiece "The Amityville Horror"?

James Brolin as George Lutz
Margot Kidder as Kathy Lutz
Rod Steiger as Father Delaney
Michael Sacks as Jeff
Helen Shaver as Carolyn
Val Avery as Sgt.Gionfriddo
Irene Daily as Aunt Helena
Jim Dukas as Himself

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In    Search    Of    "The    Amityville    Horror"

Most of you wonderful people remember the great series "In Search Of" that aired in the late '70's and early 80's right? Well they had an episode about the Amityville Horror and in the following points I will back up what host Leonard Nimoy had to say about the horror. You cannot get a more trustworthy guy than Mr. Spock and that is why you will believe the Amityville Horror to be even more factual than you previously did. I know it is hard to believe but I won't delay you of your agony any longer. Enjoy.

"In Search Of" Disclaimer

"This series presents information based in part on theory and conjecture. The producers purpose is to suggest some possible explanation but not necessarily the only ones to the mystery we will examine."

1.Most people think "The Amityville Horror" is a good scary ghost story.

Damn right it is. In fact, all people think it is a good scary ghost story.

2.Not many people know that the film is based on fact.

Of course it is, it's a true story!

3.Was there an evil presence in that house?

Yes! No if's, and's, or but's.

4.Amityville means "town of friendship".

Could have fooled me.

5.George said the house looked like a happy house.

To me it looks like it's mad as hell and wants to kill everybody.

6.When the Lutzes had the house blessed, that's when the horror started.

The house was gonna wait a couple weeks before it terrorized the family, but since they tried to bring good into the house so early, the house was very pissed and went to work it's horror a little early.

7.The priest said he got slapped really hard but found that no one was in the room with him when he was blessing it.

Of course the house is gonna slap the priest, he's not welcome.

8.After the horrific experience by the priest, he began to get terrible soars on his hands.

The demons in the house sprinkled the priest with unholy water and it happened to hit only the palms of his hands.

9.The priest tried to call the Lutzes but there was always interference. Was it a faulty phone connection?

I think not.

10.George started to get so cold, he neglected his work and appearance and fed the fire constantly.

In other words, he's lazy, and a slob.

11.George lost around 25lbs. in the house.

Even Satan couldn't handle George's unsightly appearance so he took some of fat off him.

12.The author of the book Jay Anson, said George was built like a bull.

Try more like a pig.

13.George and Kathy had nightmares were they were the DeFeo murder victims.

Why wouldn't they. They had the same mattress and bed that the DeFeo's used. Now that's morbid.

14.Kathy went into the basement and found a bookcase with a red room behind it.

Satan got pissed because of this. This was his private room that no one else knew about.

15.Harry wouldn't go near this red room.

The room smelled like very cheap dog food and since Harry was spoiled, he only ate the best dog foods.

16.Missy would sing constantly in her room, but once she crossed the threshold of the door into the hallway she would stop.

Since Satan used that room for huge parties, the room would set a festive mood into anyone who entered. Many people went into the room and started singing Black Sabbath songs uncontrollably.

17.George would check the boathouse three times a night.

He was so stupid that he would forget if he had checked it and when he went out there, he didn't know what the hell he was checking.

18.George and Kathy tried to bless the house themselves when they heard a voice say, "would you please STOP....what your doing".

Since when was George and Kathy the Pope?

19.George would wake from a deep sleep, look at Kathy, and be very afraid because she had an old appearance.

Live with it George, you married an old hag!

20.George was so obsessed with fire and staying warm.

There was no way to warm George. The horror had already chilled his soul.

21.George saw a demonic face in the fire.

George saw his own reflection in the fire. I guess it's the same thing.

22.There were beds levitating and all kinds of crazy things happening in the house.

It would only take me one time to see a levitating bed and leave the house forever. Not 28 days!

23.The house is said to be peaceful now with no current residents having any trouble.

Yeah right! They're liars I tell ya!

24.Many said George and DeFeo looked alike.

Yep. They were both butt ugly!

25. Ancient indians imprisoned evil and possessed indians on the horror property.

So your telling me that the same exact property lines of 112 Ocean Ave. are the same as they were hundreds of years ago?! No way! I conclude that both neighboring houses are haunted as well.

Well that's my investigation of "The In Search Of" episode. If that doesn't convince you, nothing will!

Don't think the links are the end of this page because they're not! There's more horrific information below the links!

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FAQ    The    Amityville    Horror

1.Are the eyelike windows still there?

Unfortunately, they have been replaced with conventional square windows. This was done to reduce the amount of curious tourists to that area. What a shame.

2.Is the house still there?

Of course it is still there. Why would they tear down a perfectly good house?

3.Where was the house they used for the movie?

It is in Tom's River, New Jersey. Personally I think this house is 10 times scarier than the real house. I think the movie house has to be haunted also. It's just too damn scary not to be! Recently I have found out that the house is still there. A couple sites out there now are dedicated to the movie horror house. The house no longer has the gabled roof it once had and is now a conventional A-frame style. Also, the house is said to have been moved from it's original foundation and turned 90 degrees to accomidate a new house next it. Also, the house is a baby blue color with white trim and no longer looks scary. If the owner wanted the scariest looking house to look alot wimpier, he did an excellent job.

4.Where is the Amityville house?

Amityville is located on Long Island, New York on the south shore. It is very close to New York City. I believe it's about 20 miles from the city. So if your ever in the city that never sleeps, just remember that the horror house is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

5.Do people live there now?

Yes. I've heard that the current residents are fairly new also. Why is it that there has been so many different residents since the Lutzes? It remains a mystery.

6.Is there a soundtrack for the movie?

You bet there is! I have a mint condition copy on vinyl. And let me tell you, I can't listen to it alone.

Hope you enjoyed some of these FAQ's. There will be many more to come.

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