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July 29,1999

Please visit the new and exciting Forum setup. It could be even more exciting if people participated in the discussion instead of being enchanted by the eyelike windows of the house.

July 1,1999

"It Is Currently 3:15am" has the following updates. The FAQ section has been updated. 4 new unique pictures have been added among the 25 "In Search Of" facts. And 2 new exciting links have been added to the Links section. "The Amityville Horror No Hoax Page" now has the most extensive and complete Links section on the net! This is the site firsts!

March 5,1999

Another new exciting poll is on "It Is Currently 3:15am"! Check it out! Also two new pictures just added to the web are on my site! One on this page and one on Part II!

February 24,1999

An exciting new poll question has just been added!

January 21,1999

Check out Part II of The Amityville Horror No Hoax Page and see that I have added a couple more exciting Amityville links.

January 20,1999

Check out the Amityville Horror Discussion Forum. There seems to be more heated debate brewing!