This page was created for those of you that believe that there was no hoax in Amityville. I believe the Amityville Horror is 100% factual contrary to popular belief that it is a hoax. After you read this page you too will be a believer! So quit your jobs and spend the rest of your lives with me in the never ending quest for the truth that is AMITYVILLE!

This page in no way is based on any facts and was created for your entertainment. Although these facts I have listed may be true, I can not prove them until I am finished with my quest.

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The    Terror    Continues!!

After 20 years of scaring the bejesus out of people, the Amityville Horror is still one of the most exciting topics in everyday life. You hear people talking about it all over the globe. In restaurants, at the club, and even at the dinner table. The Terror that is at 112 Ocean Avenue still looms in everyone's minds and millions make the pilgrimage every year to see this house of horror. You might hear people saying that the house is not terrorizing the current residents but little do you know that they are in their own personal hell! That house is the most terrifying house in history. Make the pilgrimage yourself and you will feel a chill in your bones from just setting your eyes on it. You will never be the same person again. You become enchanted with the eyelike windows and that is when the house has overcome your soul and has you for eternity. So those of you that have this feeling know that you have the Amityville obsession.....


The Amityville Horror is available at all fine department stores! The soundtrack is also available on 8 Tracks and LP's at your favorite record stores. Listen to the mastery that gave Lalo Schifrin an Academy Award nomination!

The    Amityville    Horror    Facts!

1.Black stains are discovered in the toilets.

This is due to George taking really nasty shits and leaving uncleanable stains in the toilets.

2.Smells and odors are detected in the house.

This is due to George forgetting to flush the toilet and hence stinking up the house.

3.George develops a mean case of diarrhea.

This is normal for anyone experiencing demonic possession.

4.George and Kathy note that Missy's room is warm.

This is due to George working in the room all day and farting hence making the room warm.

5.The family finds a swarm of flies on one of the sewing room windows.

George had to take a shit so bad that instead of running to the bathroom, he stuck his ass out the window but used poor aiming and shit on the window sill causing all the flies to show up.

6.Every door and window in the house is busted open.

George's farts were getting so bad that even Satan couldn't handle them. He then punishes George by busting all the doors and windows open to air out the house.

7.Harry, the dog, gets scared in Missy's room.

Of course he does, George's farts are so bad, it would scare any normal person, or animal for that matter.

8.Danny's hand gets caught in the window.

He was reaching for an action figure on the outside window sill so Satan shut the window on Danny because Satan wanted it for himself.

9.The Lutzes begin to experience problems with their phones.

This is because their long distance service provided a very weak connection to hell.

10.Kathy wakes up screaming, "She was shot in the head!"

Kathy does this do drive George completely insane lacking him of sleep.

11.Kathy is touched in the kitchen.

It is the devil himself touching Kathy.

12.One of the shock absorbers on the rear of the van comes loose and falls off.

It was the devil himself that loosened the bolts to the shock absorber.

13.Harry barks at something in the boathouse.

You guessed it, demonic possession.

14.George has a dream where he's yelling, "I'm coming apart!!"

George is really referring to his beloved axe handle that is coming apart due to chopping so much wood.

15.George rushes into Missy's bedroom and her little chair is rocking back and forth.

This is because Satan likes to rock.

16.George gets sick during Communion just before Jimmy's wedding.

Of course someone demonically possessed is going to get sick in a church.

17.George falls over the ceramic lion.

This has nothing to do with the supernatural, he's just blind stinking drunk.

18.George beats his kids for breaking one of the eyelike windows.

This is because these windows are custom made in hell and are not easily replaceable.

19.Hoof prints are found in the snow.

This is because George is transforming and has hooves now instead of human feet.

20.Kathy runs into the bathroom and sees lines on her face.

Once again, this is not a supernatural phenomenon, she's just an old hag.

21.George sees the flames in the fireplace "reaching out for him".

Pretty normal observation for someone that's dropping acid.

22.Kathy has a dream about making love to someone other than George.

And why wouldn't she, George has a tiny dick!

23.When the family tries to leave, the van won't start.

This is because Satan himself poured sugar in the gas tank.

24.Harry continually scratches at the wall leading to the gateway to hell.

This is because a strong scent of dog food coming from hell is trying to lure him into coming to hell.

25.Kathy sees Missy going into the sewing room and hears her looking for something in the boxes.

If this isn't rock solid proof that this house was demonically possessed, then there's no point in investigating this topic any further.

26.Kathy is again touched in the kitchen.

Sounds like Kathy is hitting the crack pipe again.

27.George sharpens his axe throughout the day.

This is so George decapitates Kathy with one swing of the axe.

28.George chops wood 10 hours a day.

He is trying to set a record of chopping enough wood to last 30 years in 30 days.

29.The boathouse door comes open by itself.

This is because Satan doesn't want George to get any sleep.

30.George "had been a bear all day".

Because George is the demonically possessed, he can transform into anything he wants.

31.The 250 pound door is ripped of its hinges.

This is due to George running out of wood to chop so he chops up the door instead.

32.Kathy finds all the kids sleeping on their stomachs. Kathy found this odd since they usually sleep on their backs.

Kathy cooked such a nasty dinner that the kids slept on their stomachs trying anything to relieve their stomachs of the aching.

33.The two boys get into a fight, and Kathy has never see them fight before.

They're fight over a Satanic looking action figure that both boys love with a passion.

34."Father Mancuso" begins having visions of the house while he has a 104-degree fever.

This is odd because most people have visions of the house at a normal temperature.

35.Jimmy's $1,500 disappears when he leaves it in his suit pocket in the house.

Satan needed the cash for booze and cigarettes.

36.George and Kathy hadn't made love in nine days.

This is because Kathy doesn't want to be near George because he stinks so bad from not showering.

37.Bobby, a little boy from up the street, acted uncomfortable in the house.

This is because George brought him to the house to touch the little boy in his private parts.

38.Carey, Jimmy's new wife, sees a little boy sitting on her bed at 3:15am.

Little Bobby was getting ready to face his fears of George.

39.The bar that Ronald DeFeo had run into the night after he shot his family was said called Henry's Bar, not the Witches' Brew.

This statement is incorrect. It was and always will be the Witches' Brew.

40.Kathy found teeth marks on George's ankle.

Little Bobby was trying to get away from George so he bit him.

41.Kathy hears a window opening and closing in the sewing room. Rather than opening the door to the sewing room to find out what the noise is, she goes back to the master bedroom and hides in bed.

She's lucky she did that. Satan would have been pissed if someone would have interrupted his private party!

42.A pair of red eyes are seen at the living room window.

The kids are playing with their new Zany Zappers they had just bought.

43.The police are called in to look around the house.

Satan's party was getting so loud that neighbors complained.

44.George hears "marching music downstairs".

Satan and his friends were dancing a new dance that involved marching steps.

45.George doesn't hear the phone in the kitchen ringing.

Satan's party was so loud that George experienced a temporary loss of hearing.

46.Kathy turns into a 90 year old woman.

Satan likes older women so he turns Kathy into one.

47.When Francine visits the house, she says that the house "is built on a burial ground or something like that".

Good guess! She was absolutely correct.

48.George explodes and runs through the house opening windows and yelling at the spirits to get out.

This is just a cover up so the family doesn't think he's possessed.

49.George finds the kids' bedroom windows wide open.

This is again, rock hard evidence that the house is demonically possessed, no ifs ands or buts.

50.Kathy sensed that somebody was watching her just before her mother yelled at her to close her bathrobe.

Good senses Kathy! Satan was sneaking a peek at her while she wasn't looking.

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