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Poem    World

I am so sorry child. As I walk down the long dark tunnel. My eyes are worthless for I cannot see anything. But suddenly I see a light at the end of the tunnel. You have given me so much.

I follow the girl on the busy street. I see her long golden hair whip around in the bitter cold wind. She drops her cigarette and I pick it up. I smoke the last part of it and taste you all over again. I am in love. But it also gives me a sense of hatred for you killed our beautiful child.

I am in a land not destined for me. I do not belong here. A place of completely hidden hatred that puts me inot a deep state of depression. I do not belong here. A place where God has put me for a short eternity to suffer before I am reunited with the forbidden land. The place where I belong.

Poem World has changed lives.