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Atari    World

In the coming months, this page will be filled with tons of Atari information. The Atari molded my childhood thus I will dedicate a page to the infamous Atari. The Atari and its components are still very much alive in the hearts of millions and it grows daily. Collectors around the world search endlessly for the cartridges they need and crave. Although Atari is no longer around, it will forever live in our dreams.

Page Created: September 25,1998

Page Updated: September 25,1998

Atari    Games!

Below is a list of Atari games I have but it is still far from complete. They are all for sale so if you see one you like, just give me an email and an offer. 1.Combat 2.Armor Ambush 3.Sky Fox 4.Solar Fox 5.Burgertime 6.Lock-N-Chase 7.AstroBlast 8.Berzerk 9.Asteroids 10.Space Invaders 11.Beany Bopper 12.Q-Bert 13.Frogger 14.Demon Attack 15.Cosmic Ark 16.Atlantis 17.Riddle of the Sphinx 18.Jungle Hunt 19.RealSports Football 20.Chopper Command 21.Laser Blast 22.River Raid 23.Sky Jinks (Rare) 24.Surround 25.Pac Man 26.Ms.Pac Man 27.Jr.Pac Man 28.Missle Command 29.Circus Atari 30.Star Raiders 31.Defender 32.Swordquest: Fireworld 33.Swordquest: Earthworld 34.Mario Bros. 35.Taz (Rare) 36.Star Voyager 37.Superchallenge Football And here the long awaited addition of 2600 games. 38.Frogs and Flies 39.Dark Cavern 40.California Games 41.Donkey Kong 42.Donkey Kong Junior 43.Trick Shot 44.Maze Craze 45.Super Breakout 46.Spider Fighter 47.Vanguard 48.Starship 49.Basketball 50.Canyon Bomber 51.Haunted House 52.Space Combat (Sears) 53.Street Racer 54.Starmaster 55.Centipede 56.Space Attack 7800 Games that I own are listed below. 1.Pole Position II 2.Xevious 3.Donkey Kong 4.Choplifter 5.Dig Dug 6.Karateka 7.Basketball

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